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Your ABSTRACT DINNERWARE COLLECTION has been handmade by me, using a light coloured specked clay and have been glazed in a combination of a turquoise green and a turquoise blue.

Each piece is uniquely one of a kind.

Each bowl and each plate is the same - but different - and will compliment any meal or snack.

This glaze combination is 2 glazes: a turquoise green/blue and a blue glaze. The 2 glazes have been applied in a way to produce the middle glaze affect in the centre of each dinner plate, side plate and large bowl.  The small bowl has been glazed in one glaze which is the same green/turquoise that is used on the rest of the pieces. 

Microwave/Dishwasher/Oven Safe

This listing includes: 
4 - Dinner plate (10/10.5”) 
4 - Side plate (6.5/7”)
4 - Small bowl (6/6.5”) 
4 - Large bowl (7.5/8”) 
(These are very approximate sizes due to design of pieces)

Each piece has been individually handmade by me, bisque fired to 1800+degrees and glaze fired to 2200+degrees.