I was always considered artistic, and it seemed obvious that I was meant to do something creative. At the age of 18, I moved from a small town in Manitoba to Toronto Ontario, Canada where I was enrolled in a 2-year Fashion Arts program. While in the Fashion Arts program I began working for MAC Cosmetics as a makeup artist. The last position I held with the company took me to Calgary Alberta, Canada as the Manager of Retail Operations, where I met my husband, got married and gave birth to 2 beautiful children. 20 years after beginning what I thought would be a lifelong career of makeup in a trendy, fashionable industry my husband’s job took us to Bangkok, Thailand were I became a traveling spouse with 2 young kids and our dog. 

    We spent 7 months in Thailand, moved to Kuwait for 2 and half years then in August 2012, we moved to Pascagoula Mississippi. With each move it seemed I needed to reinvent myself. In Mississippi I signed up for a 10-week pottery workshop. That once-a-week lesson turned into several weeks and sessions along with spending hours at home watching you-tube videos and reading as many books as I could download, borrow, or purchase about pottery. The once-a-week lessons weren't enough - I craved getting my hands into clay. I came to realize that creating with my hands was incredibly important to my well-being and that I had been yearning a creative outlet for longer than I knew. With each move - California then back to Canada, my studio and skills have slowly continued to expand. 

    I have now turned my love of shopping for pottery into a passion for creating it.